Policies and Printing Guidelines

Our Process

This is an overall process map, with each item discussed in more detail below. As this is a creative process, the order of these steps may change, but all are required to complete your Purchase Order.

  • Submit Purchase Order – Execute and email us your Purchase Order.
  • Ship Us Your Materials – Once your executed Purchase Order is approved, you may ship us your materials for printing.
  • Submit Artwork – Send us your proposed print.
  • Prepare and Approve Proof – We will prepare a proof for your sign off.
  • Production – Once you approve your proof, we will print your products.
  • Communication – We will communicate about an order only with the primary customer or those they designate in writing. This streamlines communication and ensures we keep your order information confidential.

Shipment of Materials

  • You must have an executed, approved Purchase Order prior to shipping us any materials.
  • If you ship us materials prior to us approving your Purchase Order, we do not have an order to assign to the inbound shipment. This creates delays in processing and locating your materials and you will be subject to an additional fee to account for this time and expense.
  • Please closely review our policies regarding shipments and logistics below to ensure we are able to quickly and efficiently print your materials.

Artwork and File Requirements

Send us your proposed print in the format described below depending on the nature of the services requested.

  • Embroidery
    • Digitized – EMB or DST (EMB is the preferred file type)
    • Artwork to be Digitized – JPG, PDF, AI, EPS, almost any file type works
  • Pad Print
    • Vector artwork preferred (ai., .pdf, .eps)
    • We can accommodate very fine detail with pad printing on most items. Please send art for review.
    • All text converted to curves (outlines) to prevent font replacement
  • Specialty
    • Vector artwork preferred (ai., .pdf, .eps)
    • Line weight (min. 1pt., negative/reverse space min. 1pt.)
    • All text converted to curves (outlines) to prevent font replacement
    • Min. Font size 6pt. depending on the font
  • Rotary Screen Print
    • Vector artwork preferred (ai., .pdf, .eps)
    • Line weight (min. 1pt., negative/reverse space min. 1pt.)
    • All text converted to curves (outlines) to prevent font replacement
    • Min. Font size 6pt. depending on the font
  • Soft Goods Printing
    • File types accepted (.ai, .pdf, .psd, .tif, .eps)
    • Vector artwork preferred
    • Line weight (min. 1.5pt., negative/reverse space min. 1.5pt.)
    • All text converted to curves (outlines) to prevent font replacement
    • High resolution Photoshop art accepted, layers intact, min. 300dpi at final print size, saved as .PSD, .TIF or .EPS
    • JPG, PNG and any raster artwork less than 300dpi (at final print size) is not accepted as we cannot cleanly separate the file for screen printing
    • Halftones and tint screens will be printed at 45-50 LPI
    • Approximate min. font size 6pt, depending on the font
  • Laser Etch
    • File types accepted (.ai, .pdf, .eps)
    • Vector Artwork required
    • Line weight (min. 1.5pt., negative/reverse space min. 1.5pt.)
    • Approximate min. font size 6pt, depending on the font

Mockups, Proofs, and Samples

Key takeaways: We will create digital versions of your printed materials for your review, but we recommend printing multiple samples that undergo destructive testing. That means we print on your materials and subject the printed materials to various tests to understand how the print may change under real world conditions. Ink may print differently on different products and a sample that has undergone destructive testing is more informative than a proof or mockup. Note that even with a printed sample, the same item may print differently from item to item.

  1. Mockups
    • Upon request, and subject to availability of our art department, we will prepare a virtual mockup of your artwork.
    • A virtual mockup is not a substitute or acceptable as a proof and products and artwork may not be sized or to scale and are a digital representation of what your project could look like.
    • Contact us to discuss pricing.
  2. Proofs
    • Proofs are created and sent for approval after receipt of purchase order and after quantities of goods are checked in.
    • Proofs are sent through our customer web portal and will need to be approved or rejected through the portal.
    • The proof is a 2D rendering of a 3D image and representation may differ from actual product. The use of a proof to match or compare color is not acceptable as colors, brightness, appearance can vary by screen/device. Pantone coated color books and thread color charts are the only acceptable means to confirm or compare color.
    • Our goal is to achieve a decoration as closely resembling the proof as possible, but to achieve the best quality print, adjustments to artwork placement are sometimes necessary during the printing process. Reasons for varying from the proof can include, but are not limited to: seams, zippers, pockets, convex/concave curves, manufacturing variances and inconsistencies between products, hoop sizes, machine limitations and capabilities.
    • Changes to artwork after a proof is approved and Purchase Order submitted, could incur additional fees.
    • If distributor is signing for end user approval of design, distributor assumes responsibility.
    • Proper adhesion cannot be guaranteed/ensured without destructive testing.
  3. Samples
    • We recommend that our Clients print a sample, which are available for an extra charge..
    • We recommend printing multiple samples to determine if there will be inconsistencies in printing, to conduct destructive testing, and to have reference samples on hand for future print runs.
    • If we conduct future print runs, samples on hand are useful for matching colors and helping ensure consistency from print run to print run.
  4. Press Checks
    • In addition to, or in lieu of, samples, we provide our Clients with the ability to conduct “Press Checks.” This means that after printing a sample, we will review it with you remotely, and then continue printing your materials.
    • We charge $75 Charge for a 30-minute Remote Press Check, which means we will hold the press for 30 minutes while you review the sample remotely.
    • After 30 minutes, either the job will be torn down and production rescheduled for a later date or a waiting fee will be assessed at $150/hr for holding press.

Spoilage and Other Inconsistencies in Printing

      • Inconsistencies in Printing.
        • Despite our best efforts, there may be inconsistencies in printing resulting from any number of factors, including inconsistencies in your supplied product within manufacturing tolerances, material make up, material texture, complexity of decoration, and crooked seams.
        • For example, different units of the same product may have differences not visible to the unaided eye which may affect the consistency of the printing process.
        • If we believe an inconsistency is a result of our error, and subject to the spoilage parameters below, we will either attempt to rectify the printing issue or provide a full or partial refund at our discretion. However, if we believe an inconsistency or other printing issue is not the result of our error, which we will determine in our sole discretion, we are not responsible for reprints or refunds.
      • Spoilage
        • Due to the nature of the printing process, we cannot guarantee exact quantities will be printed perfectly. Consistent with industry standards, we allow for spoilage or errors on 3% or 5 units, whichever is greater (the “spoilage parameters”).
        • If exact quantities are critical, please provide additional pieces and indicate whether you would like the overages printed and billed or shipped unprinted when the order is complete.
        • In the event of any damage or spoilage within the spoilage parameters, orders will be considered complete and closed out after initial run.
        • We will not print replacement pieces unless we exceed the allowable spoilage parameters.
        • If we do not exceed the spoilage parameters and you ask us for replacement or additional prints, you must enter into a new purchase order subject to minimum order charges.
      • Damages To Your Materials.. If an order using your materials is printed incorrectly due to our error, which we will determine in our sole discretion, and subject to spoilage parameters above, we will either attempt to rectify the printing issue or provide a full or partial refund at our discretion. However, we are not responsible for the replacement or repair cost of any of your materials.
      • Other Requirements. We will print only on new/unused products. Damaged ceramics will be discarded upon arrival.

Other Important Policies

  • Lead times
    • Lead times fluctuate depending on season and current capacity. Our general lead time is 10 business days, which can fluctuate based on seasonality and order que. Contact CustomerService@SuperiorImprints.com for a more accurate production estimate.
    • We can work with you on your in-hands date, please let us know if you have a specific date you need your order completed. Rush service is available pending availability
  • Purchase Orders and Shipping
    • Submit a Purchase Order via email prior to shipping goods to our location. Product received without an open order cannot be checked in and will result in processing delays.
    • Label boxes all shipments with PO# and job specific info either in reference number or attn. field.